ACEworks Sponsors MMM-11 Conference in Prague

ACEworks is excited to announce their sponsorship of the “Machine Learning Assisted Materials Discovery” symposia on the MMM-11 conference, taking place in Prague from September 22nd to 27th, 2024. The symposia will explore the latest methods and applications of machine learning for all aspects of materials discovery, from representing materials to developing accurate property prediction models.
ACEworks is committed to supporting advancements in this field. We look forward to connecting with attendees at the conference and showcasing our latest solutions. Learn more

ACEworks Presents at Materials Design MedeA User Group Meeting

Ralf Drautz, CEO of ACEworks, will be speaking at the 2023 Materials Design MedeA User Group Meeting. This event brings together users of the MedeA software platform, a popular tool for materials design and simulation.

Drautz’s presentation is expected to delve into the fundamental principles behind ACE models and showcase a comprehensive overview of their current applications in materials science research.
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MedeA 3.7 to Offer Support for ML-PACE

Exciting news for materials scientists! Starting from the MedeA 3.7 release, scheduled for April 2023, support for performant implementation of ACE machine-learning interatomic potentials (ML-PACE) in LAMMPS will be included.
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